A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Full Game Features:

  1. 5+ Routes with Romance/Friendship Variations
  2. Multiple Endings
  3. Tons of Fun, Wacky Characters
  4. Enough words to make a salad
  5. 10-20 Hour playtime
  6. Skeletons, Snails, Dwarfs, Orcs, Robots. If it's weird, it's probably here.

Jupiter Creek is a Visual Novel following Slater, a troubled youth sent into the care of a new foster family for their final year of high school. You play their Conscience, with what a barbed wit, you must help guide Slater into following the right path in life and truly help and improve themselves for their final year.

The Demo features 5 different scenes from various points of the first act. This is to give the player a flavour for what type of story you're playing!

Jupiter Creek is a story of  Friendship, Love, Depression and more in this wild, crazy ride.

 Enjoy the journey.

Two Saves are left on the demo. One for the Scene Choice and another for the Ending.

If you would like to follow the progress of Jupiter Creek, follow my twitter.



Jupiter Creek PC DEMO.zip 207 MB
Jupiter Creek MAC DEMO.zip 190 MB


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Will their be a kickstarter? Am patiently waiting to hear more news!

Hopefully the Kickstarter should be live in a couple of days! Stay tuned to watch it drop!